Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Tyrant Launches Friday, September 10

The official launch of begins September 10th.  Two Cow Garage will make their EP available via iTunes, and Great Tyrant Real Digital.  Fans present at the Two Cow Garage EP launch party in Denver, Colorado will be able to purchase Polaroid pictures taken by the band.  Each Polaroid will have a digital code on the back.  Once registered at the digital code will allow fans to download high quality mp3's from the Great Tyrant website.

Great Tyrant is a free service for artists and fans.  Artists can upload digital media to Great Tyrant, and then print cooresponding unique codes.  The unique codes can be sold/given away at shows and events.  Its a way of exchanging digital media in the real world. 

This is a labor of love for Rob Zwink and Cody Smith who are both Marion, Ohio natives living in Ohio's capital city of Columbus.  They are both Independent music veterans who have found a way to give back to the community they love.

Please bear with us, as we continue to improve on the interface, add new features, and incorporate your ideas into the site.  Visit often, exciting times ahead.  Send us an email (, or even give us a call (614) 5-GREAT-8 if you are interested in learning more.  Share the site with anyone you know, especially if they are in a band and want an easy way to distribute digital media at their events.

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