Monday, September 13, 2010

Great Tyrant Launches, A Free Service for Artists and Fans


Columbus, Ohio, United States of America ( September 13, 2010 --

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Great Tyrant, LLC opened its virtual doors on Friday, September 10. Great Tyrant is a free service to local and independent musicians across the world, starting with the upcoming Two Cow Garage Album "Sweet Saint Me".

Artists can upload digital media to Great Tyrant, and then print corresponding unique codes. The unique codes can be sold/given away at shows and events. It's a way of exchanging digital media in the real world.

This is a labor of love for Rob Zwink and Cody Smith who are both Marion, Ohio natives living in Ohio's capital city of Columbus. They are both Independent music veterans who have found a way to give back to the community they love. Cody Smith is the drummer for Two Cow Garage, The Cinema, Koufax, and The Alogens. Rob Zwink is a full time computer programmer and local music aficionado.

Codes were printed on the back of limited edition Polaroid pictures distributed to Two Cow Garage fans during the 15th Annual Suburban Home Celebration September 10, in Denver, Colorado. Fans visit the website to redeem codes, and download songs. Codes will also be available September 25th at the Two Cow Garage CD Release Show.

Please send media inquiries to or call directly (614) 5-GREAT-8

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