Monday, October 11, 2010

Great Tyrant is a DIY download code factory

Welcome Columbus Alive visitors. Send us an email, or even give us a call (614) 5-GREAT-8 if you are interested in learning more.

"Thanks for coming to our show tonight! We have our mp3's for sale at the merch table!"

Here's how it works.

Artists: Upload your digital files (mp3, images, pdf) and then immediately print unique Great Tyrant codes on sticky paper labels.

Slap the codes onto whatever you want. Whatever you think your fans will buy. Need a suggestion? Slap the code onto your promotional concert poster. Sell the poster + code at your show for the price of a traditional CD.

Tell you what: it's cheaper than buying a box of a thousand CDs. In fact, Great Tyrant is free!

Genius is mysterious.

Great Tyrant supports local artists by helping them connect with fans.

Fans: Did you stop buying CDs a couple years ago? Wish you could do more to support your local music scene? Are you willing to buy mp3s at a show, but have no way of doing so?

If you answered yes to any one of those questions you'll be happy to know that Great Tyrant brings Digital Media into the Real World.

A Great Tyrant account is also compatible with your mobile. Enter your download codes in transit, no fuss. Start listening on your way home from the concert.  Return to access previously redeemed downloads.

Great Tyrant has big plans.

Win prizes and rewards for being the first to register. Promotions run regularly with unique merchandise and swag from the labels. Link up to your Facebook account to see what your friends think of the bands you love.

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